Saturday, 21 April 2012

Double bash, double cupcakes!

My carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting(centre) and rainbow cupcake with buttercream frosting (both ends)

Just a quick post about the celebration of two special lovely ladies' birthday this April.

Today is my little sister's 11th birthday and so, because of her love for the colour orange I baked her carrot cupcakes (recipe here). And the same as the carrot cake I baked before, I super love the cream cheese frosting! Too bad I'm not that adept in piping it yet, see the awkwardness of the frosting above? And like any birthday celebrations, we made the usual Filipino cuisines; Kare-kare, sinigang, shrimp with oyster sauce, and pancit palabok. We also baked cheese buttercream cake and fresh-made iced tea.

I actually had my IGCSE ICT practicals in the morning. When I got home, visitors had already arrived. After awhile, I went out of house and went to my friend's house for our Youth for Christ meeting. Supposedly, I wasn't planning to go since it's my sister's birthday, but I still went for my close friend who had her birthday last Monday, April 16th. I surprised her with my rainbow cupcake, except that I messed the colours up! 

For the recipe, I adapted it here. I had to improvise a bit in here and there since I didn't have any cake flour in my cupboard. I didn't have any sprinkles to garnish too, so I crumbled one cupcake and drizzled it on top. And for the liners, I got it in Daiso for 7 dhs; cheap yet really cute!

Sweet dreams, everyone.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Lemon Frosted Lemon Pound Cake

It's been awhile, isn't it? 

Happy Easter, everyone! Let us rejoice as our King has risen again.

I am totally aware of my absence. Exams just finished last week and we are now in the midst of preparations for our upcoming IGCSE exams. Sigh, a life of a student.

How was this Lent season? I would admit that I didn't do much actually. I minimised my usual doings and tried to fast from sweet and indulgent food. Which I totally failed horribly. And so, to celebrate this Easter's, I baked Joyofbaking's Lemon Frosted Lemon Cake. It turned our really great! Tangy yet sweet at the same time, just my favourite!

Even though we're not in Philippines anymore, we make sure that we still do our tradition and complete Easter by attending the Holy mass in church. This just brings nostalgic memories. Easter for me was never about eggs or bunnies but it's about every customs and traditions that most Filipinos do during the season; fasting, abstinence, devotional parades and plays, and reflections. I was brought up in a country where people devote themselves as a Christian throughout the whole season, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

I want to keep this post short. I'll probably be absent again with the exams coming up. Prom is around the corner too. So until then, a great Easter to everyone :)