Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 1: A Picture Of The City You Were Born In

Cavite City checkpoint, Heroes Arch; photo by arisjohn

July is finally here!

A thousand miles away from the city I currently live is the city prominent for its historical past during the era of Spaniards and Americans in the Philippines and is the city when I was born. Cavite city, or Ciudad de Cavite, is the first district of the province of Cavite located at the foot of Manila (metropolis of Philippines). It is the place I saw when I first opened my eyes as well as the last abode I engraved into my mind when I left for Dubai. 

One thing that I probably would never forget about Cavite City is the dialect. When I was born, we lived in our family ancestral house and since my great-grandmother is Spanish, we use a dialect called Chavacano. It is a spanish-based creole language that is, as suggested, a mixed of Tagalog and Espanol. Sadly, I don't speak it but I can understand it really well especially when my grandmother would always say durung duru cabeza (means 'you're really stubborn', haha). This is actually one the things that I look forward to whenever I go back home to my country, the sound of Chavacano words filling the house just gives a feeling of wholeness of our family. Ah, how nostalgic.

I may not live there anymore but I'm certain that Cavitena blood still flows through me.

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