Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 11: Name Of Your Elementary School

photo by somedevilguy

Tiring, tiring day.

I chuckled a bit when I saw the title of this day post. Not because the topic is outrageous, but because it reminded me of how we used to move houses all over our province causing me to change from one elementary school to another. As I have mentioned on my Day 1 post that I was born in Cavite City, I attended Julian R. Felipe Elementary School for first grade. It's actually the school that the rest of my family members went. I was just 5 years old then due to my school acceleration and skipping kindergarten. For the next two years we shifted to another city in Cavite called Silang and I transferred to Silang Central School. And for two years, I was bullied. Everyday my snacks were stolen and I would always be alone. But no, this is not a forlorn story, because believe me, I didn't really care that much. My parents were always busy at work so I kept myself busy too in drawing and writing letters for them.

I reached fourth grade in year 2004. This time we lived in Bacoor (another city in Cavite) and I enrolled to a school named Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School. However, at the end of my school year, my parents left to Dubai causing me and my sister to be in the hands of my grandmother. I moved back to my first elementary school once again and graduated there. Grade 5 and 6 are probably my most cherished years throughout my elementary. Those are the years that I was finally able to make true friends and felt that I am really an elementary student.

I'm twenty minutes late, oh no! Me and my family just got home after having a dinner at a mall that is 45 minutes away. Hope this won't happen again because I really feel bad. 

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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