Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 14: Your Day, In Great Detail

Group photo; taken at Burjuman Mall

Friday, 14th July 2012
Plan(s) I had for the day: Youth For Christ - Cluster Assembly

I woke up around 6 am, suddenly bolting up because I thought I am late for the day as I have forgotten to set an alarm. Realising it's too early, I went back to sleep and finally got out of the bed around 8 am. I started to get ready; took a shower, wore something blue as per requirement and had my breakfast. Supposedly, I was to meet my fellow YFCs in metro station at 9 am. But due to some problems, my dad wasn't able to send me to the station util 9:45 am, oops. Upon arrival, I got a lot teases stating how late I was and how late we will be for the meeting that will start at 10 am whereas the travel takes 45 minutes. During the train ride, we were just sitting and chatting at the whole time, though I was quiet for most of the time because I was still sleepy. 

We arrived at the church around 10:30 am. Most of the youths were already inside as they listen to the teaching of songs. I settled myself beside a girl friend of mine and sang along. Not long after, the opening worship started and we did the activity for the day. The topic was "Walk on water"; being called out in a mission. The activity we did was called Trust Walk. We were paired with another youth that we weren't familiar with and one of us had to cover the other one's eyes and guide him/her through a course in the room. Me and my partner were able to last until the end, gladly. After the activity, we were shown a teaser about the Mission Month for next August following by some announcements from our national head. Another talk was given by our cluster head regarding the gospel Matthew 14:22-33. We then had our closing prayer and worship.

After the meeting, we decided to have a mini-fellowship in Burjuman. We hanged out at the food court and got our food. While eating, we planned our upcoming activities for the Mission Month in August and I also had some chat with my friend regarding Noli me Tangere, Philippines history, and even Hitler, haha. I ate two pieces of chicken and a slice of pizza. After eating, some of us decided to play games; thumbs up game, counting game, and answer/question game. We left the mall around 5 pm, said goodbyes to others and rode the train going back home. As usual, we chatted, trolled and laughed throughout the whole ride. We even had some horror stories and played games again until we arrived the station and waited for the bus.

I finally reached home around 7 pm. My parents, fortunately, weren't mad about it since the sun is still up. I changed back to my home clothes and visited the sites I always go to. I, then, started writing my Day 13 post since I wasn;t able to make it yesterday while chatting with some of my friends. I had to do the laundry afterwards and had a dinner with my family. We had some shrimp dim sum wrapped in seaweed, yummy. And now, I am typing this. So I guess the story ends here, haha. I am glad to be able to remember the things I went through today. Probably because I had so much fun today too.

I shall conclude this post here, but I will post a picture some time when I get one. So have a good night everyone.

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