Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 15: A Picture Of You And Your Friends

Due to this day's topic, this post will be loaded more by photos than words. So let me warn you that this might be a little picture heavy. And please pardon the quality of some of them.

Let's start with my highschool friends in Philippines. Most of them are my girl friends, since most of my guy highschool classmates are 'allergic' with camera.

Freshman year; photo with all of my highschool girl friends

Junior year; prom picture with some of my friends

Summer vacation 2011; hang out with some of my friends in KFC

Going on with my dear school friends here in Dubai.

School trip to Ferrari World

Mufti Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

And my cherished friends from Youth For Christ.

Camp United; post-camp group picture

Birthday celebration together with my chapter

National Conference 2012; post event fellowship and despedida dinner

Twelve minutes late today! Oops. And since we're talking about friends here; just a little shout out to Leigh Ann, my best friend in Philippines who just cheered me up knowing I am getting late, and to James who says that he's awesome.

Good night, everyone.

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