Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 17: A Hobby Of Yours

A really cute clay charm; photo by thirdratedstar

I'm safe today, whew.

This may sound ridiculous, but this is probably the toughest topic I've ever encountered so far. I don't really think I have a 'hobby'; I do have interests such as singing, dancing, playing piano, reading books and mangas, and even sketching and clay charms. I just don't do them as much as others does which makes me feel hesitant on putting them on my list and tag them as my hobbies. Likewise, I used to peg baking as a hobby. However, it's more of a professional pursuit now for me.

So I guess that would be it for today's post. I feel awkward because it feels like I didn't write anything worth reading in this entry at all, haha. Hopefully, tomorrow's post would be more interesting. Apologies.

May God bless us all :)

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