Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 19: A Picture Of You When You're A Baby

A baby picture of me

I am finally back. Not posting for two days felt like two weeks, sigh.

A post that was meant to be published yesterday. I was barely at home since yesterday. It was my friend's birthday in the afternoon and we had a family dinner in Dubai Mall. We got home at past 1 am already hence explains the lack of post yesterday. Today's a hectic yet blessed day too, we traveled to Abu Dhabi for YFC Program Summit and it lasted all day. I just got home three hours ago; really tired but up for some blogging!

Going back to today's post, the toddler you see above is me when I was just only one year of age. Most people say that I look different from my baby pictures. Which I do admit too, a bit. Maybe because I was way fairer before and cuter(?), haha. Though, as you can see above, I don't have any teeth in that photo. My mom said that I was able to walk first before growing any teeth. And how I wish I still have that silky, soft, straight black hair, sigh.

And that's it for this entry. I'll be back shortly for today's challenge post. Toodles!

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  1. Please keep updating your blog!

    It's very good :)


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