Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 2: A Picture Of Your Favorite Animal

Giant panda; photo by photo-freak19

Second day is up!

Adorable, cute, cuddly-looking; I couldn't think of any more words to describe how precious these lovable creatures are. My family, friends, and colleagues; they are all thoroughly aware of how I adore Giant Pandas so much. And as a panda-lover, I am definite that you'll stumble to a lot of them when you go through my belongings; from small cellphone charm to pencil cases to head beanies. Even my school teacher would find a lot of drawings and sketches of pandas in my notes, oopsies. I saw them once in person last year when we flew to Hong Kong and visited Ocean Park. There were two pandas that I saw, named Le le and Ying ying. Even though they were sleeping when we visited, I was still in delight because I finally saw them. I would definitely love to see them again next time!

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