Saturday, 21 July 2012

Day 20: Your Goals For This Month

I have a bad case of poor time management.

Yes, I am late again. So without further ado-- or should I say further procrastinating, I'll get straight to the goals I have for this month.

  • Finish this challenge. I think this will be the most apparent one. It's been 20 post and I am actually glad I got this far, haha. Except that I did get a lot of 'oopsies late'  here and there.
  • Fasting and abstinence. Just like how Ramadan started, me and my fellow YFCs are fasting and abstaining from few things too for our upcoming Youth Camp next month. Basically, we're not allowed to indulge ourselves on coloured drinks, chocolates, candies, chips and any other food that gives the same gratification. And oh, did I mention that I'm not allowed to do any Korean/Japanese related activities  either too?
  • Finish a book. I feel so bad. I bought few books (most are sequel of series that I used to read in Philippines) and they are just standing on my shelf. I started a bit of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes already and I think I should finish it this week, haha. 

And that will be my goals for now. I'm pretty confident that I will be able to fulfill them even though I admit that I sometimes find it hard to fast and abstain with all the temptations I face. But I know I'll get by, haha.

Ramadan Kareem!

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