Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day 22: What Would I Find In My Bag

What would I find in my bag; photo taken with instagram

The challenge topics seem to get more and more stalker like.

I'm not really a big on bags. I don't personally like bringing a lot of things either. And so, most of them would be just small sling bags and filled with just basic stuff I find useful when going out. Also, in that way, it would be easy for me whenever I change bags depending to what I feel like using or what would flatter the clothes I am wearing.

The bag in the photo above is the one that I recently wore (and also my favourite). I can always forget everything else but not my wallet; it basically has all the significant stuff I possess. Next thing that I must always bring is my phone or else my mom would kill me if she's not able to contact me and know my whereabouts. Beside my phone, you can see my earphones. Naturally, my earphones will always go with my iPod but I recently broke it and is now being repaired. Above my phone and earphones is my comb. You have no idea how my hair can be prone to tangles. I always bring a lip product too because I feel like I have most chapped lips in the world. Last item you can see is my aviator sunglasses; I live in Dubai after all. And if you are wondering how can I fit all of these in that tiny bag... well, I manage, haha.

Have a great evening, everyone.

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