Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 30: A Picture Of You From Last Year And Now. How much have you changed?

Picture of me taken from last year, 30th July 2011

Picture of me taken today, 30th August 2012

Hope everyone does not mind seeing my face again and again.

I sure am lucky to find a photo of me that was taken exactly a year ago. It was just a picture I took before going to a YFC meeting which I never had guts to upload to any site except this blog since it is essential for this post. On the other hand, today's snapshot was taken few hours ago when we had a family dinner at a fine restaurant located inside a hotel (where my mom is currently working at).

As for the question-- how much have I changed? I personally think not much. Other than having a fringe now, I don't really see a drastic change. At a glance, you might think my cheeks got chubbier, but it's only because of the angle. My dark circles and laugh lines aren't that apparent on the recent photo but again, I think it's only because of the quality of the photo, haha. However, my skin condition has improved. You might not be able to see it but I actually have more faint acne scars last year than now. Touch wood that it would get more and more better. And that's pretty much everything that I could notice, looks like I haven't much changed; I have no clue though whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Hope it's not the latter but improving oneself for the better is not so bad either, is it?

Now, this is the final day challenge, right? I am feeling glad yet somewhat wistful at the same time. Honestly speaking, I am well pleased that I completed the challenge, because to tell you, I initially thought it was undemanding to post everyday for a whole month without fail but it's actually not. I had a lot of posts that wasn't published on time. However, it's really fun; I reminisced my childhood days, talked about my preferences and even disclosed what's inside my bag. And even though I admit that I felt that my blog was getting out of hand and messy, I still don't regret doing it. Not at all, because it was a really great experience.

I wish everyone a blessed August ahead. :)


  1. good job on finishing! im not sure i could post every day! you haven't really changed that much but that is probably a good thing :D



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