Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 5: Ideal Future Career

photo by BellaVida

5th day and counting...

It wasn't until recently that I have chosen to pursue culinary and pastry arts. As I have mentioned before that I'm a dreamer, I sure did have a long list of my 'wannabe' professions since I was a kid; varying from singer, scientist to detective. However, despite my indecisiveness, I am definite to follow this course this time and I pray not to waver.

Moving on as to why I determined to become a chef, I have my few reasons. For starters, I could never ever imagine myself sitting in front of computer facing endless numbers and letters. Not that I cannot do it, but I just don't think I'll be able to last long doing office work or anything similar. Another thing, I have to mind not only myself, but also my whole family. I had to decide on something that does not only interest me but also gives convenience to people around me. So not only considering that being a chef is paid well, I think it's also apparent that I love food, haha.

So keeping myself forward to this goal, I am doing my best right now to practise my current skills and also focus on my academics to attain more opportunities in the future that will help me to achieve this future ideal career. In next two months, I'll be facing my last year as a high school student, hoping to get my diploma here in Dubai afterwards and then getting my bachelors abroad. Life may not always go according to your plans, but still better than not having any objectives at all, right?

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