Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 8: Picture Of The Last Place You Visited

View from the cable car; Ocean Park, Hong Kong


I don't know what the title really meant by the last place visited. Out of town? City excursion? Or perhaps, visit over my friend's house few days ago? Just to be safe, I'll go ahead with my last visit out of country.

Last summer, as I have mentioned already from my previous posts, we visited Hong Kong which lasted only for couple of days. In spite of exhaustion, jet lag and some hotel mismanagement, this place left a really good impression on me. I fell for it as soon as I we exited the airport. Probably because it's my first time again seeing green mountains again after staying in Dubai for almost two years. 

We arrived there early in the morning and unfortunately had some dispute regarding our room reservation. After sitting for hours in the lobby, we finally got a room and went on to our itinerary. We visited Ocean Park; saw lovely pandas and rode a cable car. Sadly, we all couldn't take the summer heat and went back to hotel earlier than we expected. Day after, we spent our whole time in Disneyland. The experience was so much better than Ocean Park. I figured to wear the right clothes, forgiving to sun's heat. Moving on to third and last day, we decided to do some shopping in the morning. If only I knew better, I should've bought more stuff than I did and bargained for cheaper prices.  We went back to hotel at noon to catch the shuttle bus going to the airport.

I would really love to go back to Hong Kong again. Food is exquisite, attractions are pleasing and people are likeable (and pandas). I have never seen so much Asians, which was pretty satisfying after being in Dubai for quite of time. 

Now that I realise it, it's been a year since I last left UAE. Supposedly, we were to visit Singapore and Philippines last May, but alas, we weren't able to due to my mom's job. I'm hoping that I could also make another travel post soon. Sigh, perhaps on Christmas.

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