Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 9: A Photo I Took

A photo I took with my incompetent photography skills
Day 9 and counting...

This photo is rather impromptu. It was a winter afternoon last November when we went out to Zabeel park for a while. I remember taking the picture above while we were eating pizza. The camera was just lying down on the grass and so I decided to play around with it for a bit. Even though I had so much things to capture with the lens, I somehow just decided to just take a picture of the grass (probably because I was too lazy to stand up too). Despite of that amateur photo, I like it. Maybe because of how blurry the horizon is, just like our own futures which we have no means of uncovering but to just dwell with the present.

Hmm, let's go a bit off-topic and have some little update. My summer vacation is not yet even halfway through it and I'm starting to hate myself. I haven't done anything worth since the holidays started in contrast to all the plans I had before. Sigh. At least I get to this challenge and maybe I'll feel more satisfied with myself when I get to finish this.

Sweet dreams.

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