Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sushi and Celebration!

Just a random food post.

Two days ago, me and my family went to Sumo Sushi and Bento, a Japanese restaurant located in Dubai Media City, to have our dinner after Iftar. At first, I didn't really intend to post it here even though I had a bunch of photos taken while we were eating. But somehow tonight, I suddenly felt the urge of blogging. And besides, I haven't published anything since the 30 Day Challenge so I, surprisingly, missed the feeling of typing and babbling here in my site, haha.

Actually, this family dinner was held for us to celebrate. Our IGCSE exam results came out and I couldn't contain my happiness seeing I got gratifying grades. With all the stressful days and sleepless nights I had before while preparing for the test, I can say that my hard work definitely paid off.

Back to the food. This is probably my third or fourth time eating in this restaurant. I had chicken gyoza for appetizer, and beef teriyaki bento as my main course and had a platter of california maki. The gyoza was a bit bland, on the other hand, the teriyaki bento was really great-- the beef was tender and the flavour is strong, just how I like it. 

These are my opinions, I'm not doing a review or anything because I don't think I'm fit for it yet. Pardon I am not a 'pro' nor an exquisite gourmet blogger. However, I feel that I should try posting about the places I go to-- why? well, I just love going out, eating here and there. To keep it simple, like a journal to keep track of places where I've been to. But hey, it's my blog; I post what I want, haha.


  1. omg this made me so hungry! :D haha
    hope you stop by and say hi

  2. Oh WOW, I'm hungry.
    Haha, I crave sushi right now.
    But the BEST sushi place from me is an hour away.
    SIGH. ^3^


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